Ambassadors of Quality

"Ambassadors of Quality” is our new project, whose protagonists are five local pizza chefs: we have made video interviews with them, to dedicate a space in which to make their story known, telling you all the facets of what makes a pizza chef a true "master" of pizza.

Nicola, Gennaro, Diego, Serena and Marta are the pizza chefs that we have chosen to portray in the video pills, in which we will discover the origins of their love for pizza, the commitment and the satisfactions that every day animate them in doing this job.

With this project we want to thank those professionals who are - to all effects - ambassadors of the quality of our products: because, in addition to having chosen them, they have made them an essential part of an extraordinary job, which leads them to put on the plate something that goes beyond a simple pizza.
A job made of passion, creativity, attention to every detail and Tonon mozzarella.

Watch the videos on the Facebook page of Caseificio Tonon and discover the stories of our #AmbassadorsOfQuality.

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