TON/ON family and village festival

Sunday 21st October 2018 we opened the doors of the dairy to the families of our colleagues and the inhabitants of S. Alberto (TV) to show them how our mozzarella is made. A day dedicated to all those who love one of the most famous Italian products in the world, curious to find out how milk turns into excellent mozzarella. A guided tour for adults and children, entertainment with games and good music, refreshments to taste delicious combinations of our products, with local and seasonal ingredients, following the classic recipes of Italian cuisine.

Work is such a big part of our day and being appreciated for this initiative has made us and our colleagues happy and proud of what we do every day with our passion and a desire to always improve.

"I think mozzarella is something unique. It is not a side dish, it is not a first course, and it is not a main course. It is a dish in itself. For example, if we put it in the centre with tomato, salad and basil around it, it is the Italian flag and deserves the place of a main dish." 

Claudio Bisio

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