Transhumance 2018

“Nothing stays still in nature, everything moves: this is what tradition has taught us, the signs of those who came before us. Men and women who got by with very little, but lived as one with nature, its rhythms, its endless possibilities. Transhumance testifies that life is movement, research, fatigue, and respect for nature.” 

M. G. Tonon

Transhumance is a millenary tradition that is still handed down from generation to generation. It is probably one of the most widespread activities in sheep farming but, unlike in the past, today the animals are almost always transported by truck. By exploiting two or more pastures, one in the plains and one in the mountains, depending on the season, the cattle are moved to ensure good grazing and always green grass for the animals to feed on.

However, the breeders who supply the hay-milk to the Tonon Dairy still walk the paths that lead from one pasture to another, in a real step back in time, respecting the animals and the environment. Upon arrival they sit down together at the table, a chance to strengthen the sense of solidarity and community that in the history of mountain people often means survival.

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