Every company has a history, a genesis whose traces are found in the present.

Our story begins in the early 1960s with a van and milk collection jars, when Tarcisio Tonon – back from Australia where he had emigrated like so many young Venetians and Italians after World War II - collected milk from peasants’ stables to deliver it to the Neapolitan dairyman Federico Ammaturo, who came to the north to produce mozzarella for the first pizzerias established in the nearby city of Treviso.

The same dairyman, close to retirement, taught the art of making mozzarella to Tarcisio Tonon before giving him the basement where there were two wooden vats. It was the early 70s. Thus our story began, with the passing on of a trade and the passion for good things, and it developed like a family history, which continues to grow with the children.

After almost fifty years, the basic ingredients are the same: a family atmosphere and a passion for good things. As you don't just live on bread, you also need good mozzarella.