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Mozzarella loved by the pizza chefs, with their outstanding knowledge of the raw material and its traditions. These pizza chefs only choose the best ingredients to create their culinary works of art.

What distinguishes
our mozzarella?

  • 1 Authentic milky flavour

    Only fresh milk processed by our experienced cheesemakers following correct maturing schedules.
    Thanks to the presence of more than 500 million milk enzymes per gram of product, the intense aroma of milk is dispersed once the pouch is opened. Its delicious milk flavour lingers on, even after cooking.

  • 2 High performance on pizzas

    The production technology used and the optimal moisture level of the mozzarella allow less product to be used to obtain a tasty, stringy pizza. This saves you money as you can use a smaller amount of mozzarella per pizza, without compromising the taste of your pizza.

  • 3 Digestibility thanks to lactic ferments

    Tonon mozzarella is highly digestible thanks to the prolonged fermentation process using only selected milk enzymes that enhance the taste of the milk while limiting the lactose content.

  • 4 Quality controlled

    Every mozzarella purchased always has the same characteristics and the same consistent quality: it does not release water and retains its balanced properties by having just the right amount of moisture.

  • 5 Perfect cooking

    The different mozzarella types with different textures and thicknesses are suited to various types of ovens and cooking requirements. The mozzarella always remains soft and stringy, even on the last slice of pizza, without sticking to the pizza base and 'disappearing from view'.

What distinguishes
our Service?

  • 1 Professional advisory service

    Choosing the ideal mozzarella format is a determining factor in achieving a good pizza that your customers will want to eat over and over again. We will work with you every step of the way in choosing the mozzarella and the cut best suited to the characteristics of your oven and the pizza you want to make. Choosing the right format will also help you to optimise your cooking performance thus achieving better financial sustainability.

  • 2 A format to match every need

    Over the years we have studied different mozzarella formats in order to adapt the cut of the mozzarella to every cooking and preparation need, for both wood-fired and electric ovens. Furthermore, with the pack in pouch - instead of in a tray - we can guarantee an environmentally sustainable space-saving solution as this pack in pouch reduces the use of plastic. 

  • 3 An assortment of exclusive specialities

    We are constantly studying techniques and technologies to offer pizza chefs like you the right solution for your pizzas. Our assortment includes both the classic fiordilatte mozzarella line, as well as the organic product line made with milk from cows bred in Lessinia only fed on organic fodder and based on the Latte Fieno specification, depending on what is naturally in season. In addition, to ensure that you always have a supply of fresh and fragrant, tasty mozzarella, just like freshly made mozzarella, we have developed the IQF (Individually Quick Freezing) product line, a deep-freezing technique that 'envelops' the mozzarella in cold temperatures, protecting its structural and organoleptic characteristics.

  • 4 On time service

    We know how exhausting it can be to 'keep chasing' all your suppliers to ensure that they meet the scheduled deliveries of your ingredients. That is why we have made punctuality the cornerstone of our service. We keep to agreed delivery times to ensure that you always have the quantity you need for your pizzas. 

  • 5 The safety of certifications

    We work with pizza chefs in their everyday life, but also in celebrating their successes. Thanks to rigorous internal certification procedures, Tonon Mozzarella has the necessary certifications to allow you to participate in Pizza preparation competitions and events.

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of the pouch

  • Reducing environmental impact
    Only 30g of plastic for a 2000g pack
  • Easy to store
    The pouch is more compact and lighter than the tray
  • Practicality
    Easy to handle pouch, for faster pizza prep

what they say about us

  • Since I started working with Tonon, they have always provided me with useful and personalised advice. They have supported me in evaluating the most suitable type of mozzarella for my pizzeria's oven and for the type of pizza I make. Furthermore, with the IQF mozzarella supply I can always keep sufficient product in stock, which allows me never to run out of product in emergency situations.

  • I am always on the lookout for high quality ingredients whilst keeping a close eye on cost. Thanks to Tonon Mozzarella, I have found excellent value for money: it delivers outstanding cooking performances without compromising the taste of my pizzas. This allows me to use a smaller amount of Tonon mozzarella per pizza compared to products from other suppliers, resulting in significant cost savings.

  • Tonon mozzarella has an authentic flavour and an extraordinary texture that my customers love. It blends in harmoniously with the other ingredients of my pizzas, creating a perfect balance of flavours. Moreover, it performs very well during cooking, so I can offer a product of excellent quality and at the same time minimise costs.

  • Knowing that you can count on a reliable supplier like Tonon is a real advantage. Their mozzarella is always delivered on time, so it is fresh and always ready to use on my pizzas. Thanks to Tonon, I have one less thing to worry about and can concentrate on my own creations instead of having to waste time 'chasing' a supplier.

  • Tonon mozzarella is the must-have ingredient in my pizzeria. I only use ingredients that give my pizzas authentic flavours but which are also easily digestible. To achieve this balance, I have been relying on Tonon for years. A light mozzarella with an authentic milky flavour, which customers at my pizzeria really love.


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