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We have chosen to launch an organic product line, the "MIA ORGANIC Latte&Fieno Mozzarella". Produced with 100% organic milk from a selected number of certified latte&fieno farms in the Lessinia Regional Nature Park. Grazing cows are fed on organic fodder based on the Latte Fieno specification.

Organic since 1995

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ORGANIC since 1995

Since 1995, Caseificio Tonon has been certified to produce mozzarella with organically farmed milk. Not a trendy, but more a natural choice.The logical conclusion to a story that began with the passion of a Neapolitan cheesemaker and a Veneto farmer devoted to quality products. These certified and rigorously tested products are intended for businesses and consumers whose focus is well-being and health, and who care about healthy, balanced diets. In 2018 the MIA ORGANIC Latte&Fieno was first launched; a mozzarella made with milk from cows fed exclusively on organic food in compliance with the Latte Fieno specification. A product with a very short supply chain, working closely with milk producers in the Lessinia mountains. The essence of MIA ORGANIC Latte&Fieno mozzarella is based on a culture that places increasing importance on considering and paying attention to nature's well-being.

Nature and respect


Extraordinary simplicity embodied in mozzarella bites, in cherry-sized balls or in pizza cubes. The MIA ORGANIC Latte&Fieno mozzarella packs in the taste and the freedom of the mountain cows, following the natural seasonal cycles, nourished with organic fodder in accordance with the Latte Fieno specification and producing milk with all the calm they need. MIA ORGANIC Latte&Fieno is produced with 100% organic milk from a selected number of Lessinia Regional Natural Park cowsheds and certified 'milk and hay TSG'. Grazing cows are fed on organic fodder based on the Latte Fieno specification.
Discover our Organic Mozzarella
Our organic

Discover our Organic Mozzarella

Time's true measure is nature. Penelope only feeds on organic food following the Latte Fieno specification. And time delivers real milk, just as good as in times gone by.

"Nothing in nature is stationary, everything changes: traditions teach us that. People have always lived in harmony with nature, with its rhythms, its endless potential. Transhumance is testament to the fact that life is movement, research, hard work, respect for nature."
M. G. Tonon



Transhumance is a thousand-year-old tradition still handed down from generation to generation. This is probably one of the most widespread traditions in pastoralism but, unlike in the past, today, it is almost always vehicles transporting the animals. Using two or more grazing pastures, one on the plains and one in the mountains, depending on the season, the cattle are moved about to ensure good grazing and evergreen grass to feed on. The farmers who supply organic TSG latte&fieno to the Tonon dairy, on the other hand, still walk the paths that lead from one pasture to another, in an authentic shift back in time, respecting both the animal and the environment. And when they arrive, we have a meal together; an opportunity to reinforce the sense of solidarity and community that often means survival in the history of the mountain people.



Why do pizza chefs
prefer it?
MIA ORGANIC Latte&Fieno mozzarella is the ideal pizza ingredient for the most discerning palates, with a focus on nutrition as well as the source of its raw materials. A taste that best preserves the natural goodness and authenticity of the flavours. The ideal ingredient for a gourmet pizza with a real milky flavour and exceptional performance when cooked, for a result that delivers quality on every pizza.

what they say about us

  • Since I started working with Tonon, they have always provided me with useful and personalised advice. They have supported me in evaluating the most suitable type of mozzarella for my pizzeria's oven and for the type of pizza I make. Furthermore, with the IQF mozzarella supply I can always keep sufficient product in stock, which allows me never to run out of product in emergency situations.

  • I am always on the lookout for high quality ingredients whilst keeping a close eye on cost. Thanks to Tonon Mozzarella, I have found excellent value for money: it delivers outstanding cooking performances without compromising the taste of my pizzas. This allows me to use a smaller amount of Tonon mozzarella per pizza compared to products from other suppliers, resulting in significant cost savings.

  • Tonon mozzarella has an authentic flavour and an extraordinary texture that my customers love. It blends in harmoniously with the other ingredients of my pizzas, creating a perfect balance of flavours. Moreover, it performs very well during cooking, so I can offer a product of excellent quality and at the same time minimise costs.

  • Knowing that you can count on a reliable supplier like Tonon is a real advantage. Their mozzarella is always delivered on time, so it is fresh and always ready to use on my pizzas. Thanks to Tonon, I have one less thing to worry about and can concentrate on my own creations instead of having to waste time 'chasing' a supplier.

  • Tonon mozzarella is the must-have ingredient in my pizzeria. I only use ingredients that give my pizzas authentic flavours but which are also easily digestible. To achieve this balance, I have been relying on Tonon for years. A light mozzarella with an authentic milky flavour, which customers at my pizzeria really love.